Aster DM Healthcare "The Nazar Initiative" (2016) 2:00 (UAE)

Most of the workers in Dubai are foreign. They work hard to send their pay back to their wife and children, leaving them little left to live on and certainly none for healthcare. This especially becomes a problem becuase the nature of the work causes eye problems. As if that weren't enough, the majority of the workers are illiterate. So Aster did creates one hell of an amazing initiative. They not only brought the eye exam to the worker's but they created an eye chart they could read without needing to be able to read.
That is freaking awesome.

Client: Aster DM Healthcare/Aster Clinics
Advertising Agency: The Classic Partnership Advertising, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Agency website:
Executive Creative Director - Alok Gadkar
Creative Director - Satyen Adhikari
Associate Creative Director - Nilesh Naik
Copywriter - Satyen Adhikari, Nilesh Naik
Art Director - Satyen Adhikari, Vishal Vinekar
Illustrator - Vishal Vinekar
Account Director – Pulkit Vasisht
Head of Production - Vitthal Deshmukh
Production Manager - Shankar Chidambaram
Production House - RGB
Producer - Ashwin Menon
DOP - Prasad Paniker

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