Astral Tequila “I Told You” / Most Interesting man (2017) :15 (USA)

The most interesting man in the world now pitches Astral Tequila. Jonathan Goldsmith, the former Dos Equis character, is now starring in a new video for Astral Tequila that references hos former campaign quite heavily in style. "I told you, I don't always drink beer," he says, referencing the Dos Equis line. Goldsmith is not only a pitchman for Astral Tequila, but also an equity partner in Astral Tequila. He's been making the most out of his spokesperson fame, he even published a memoir last year called "Stay Interesting: I Don't Always Tell Stories About My Life, But When I Do, They're True and Amazing." If this will be as an interesting campaign as the Dos Equis one remains to be seen, that campaign ran from 2006 to 2016 with the same spokesman. Goldsmith was replaced with a man 30 years his junior last year, in an effort from Dos Equis to attract more millennials.

Client: Davos Brands

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Jonathan Goldsmith what a gentleman and very handsome, he will do a great job for Astriel Tequila!!!!