Atari - Since 1972 - press ads.

Republic in New Zealand has created this branding campaign for cult-classic Atari, reminding everyone why it is a cult-classic.

Atari-fans click on these links for nice big files you can print out and drool on. ;)
Atari Tennis
Atari Football
Atari Golf

Retouchers: Colin Falefata & Brett Sanders
Art Director: Greg Wylie
Account Director: Paul McNamara

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Atari is the only company that can brag about "bad graphics". ;)

caffeinegoddess's picture

Yes. And I love how the embrace it! Obviously reaching the mid/late 20-40 year olds with this approach though. Do people younger than that remember it? Mmmmmmmm nostalgia.

TheWorldOfM's picture

This goes really well with my post:
I remember my first Atari game was Centipede. I think that was when I started needing glasses...
But why are they advertising again anyway?

purplesimon's picture

Like Australia, it could be that in New Zealand it is still like 1972 :)

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Dabitch's picture

That's a really good question. Unless they started massproducing the Atari laptop this guy built I'm not interested. ;)

TheWorldOfM's picture

Plus, the only Atari I know now is a small companythat makes games that dont even make it big. If they think they're going to counter that using nostalgia, sadly it aint going to work

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Even though this thread is probably not going to be read, I simply had to post this link on the off-chance people follow the comments sidebar. These should have been Atari games.


Allan1's picture

Purp S: - Those are GREAT!

The covers are so close to the real things - I was trying to remember which ones are based on which (real ones, that is). (Of course, I never owned a 2600, but I played a lot of games...).

Dabitch's picture

HA! Yes! "obligatory educational game", "It's Fucking Checkers", "Every Sport Ever In Pong Form" and "Backgammon For Friendless People" - that's inspired man.

purplesimon's picture

Thanks Dabitch, knew I could count on you to be my sole reader!

Dabitch's picture

I read the new comments thread all the time, that's how i find the spammers to ban around here. (so many of them, so sad.)