Atkins Nutritionals "Overjoyed" (2016) :30 (USA)

Alyssa Milano is overjoyed to have found her perfect weight thanks to Atkins. But she's not the only one. Oh, no. There are others, too. At least three! These three have lost weight and give awkward mini testimonials about it. I say awkward because for one thing, they never look at the camera, two, they're acting more like cult members, and three, I have never heard a man, let alone a personal in general utter the word "veggies," before unless it was in a commercial.
It's almost as if the director was blindsided with this third idea of a spot and was like "What the hell? You want what? Okay you guys stand there and look to your right. You-- just say something like "I can eat veggies and fruits, No, I don't know how it ends, we'll figure it out when we get there. Action!"

Client: Atkins Nutritionals
Agency of Record: Campbell Ewald
EVP Group Creative Director: Bernie Hogya
SVP Group Creative Director: Ron Wachino
Sr. Project Manager: Michael Schlachter
Copywriter: Ron Wachino
Producers: Matt Joyner
Producers: Matt Joyner
EVP Group Account Director: Jonathan Lange
Account Supervisor: Aneika Fermin
Assistant Account Executive: Tamara Chassagne
Head of Planning: Marcia Lorente
Strategic Planner: Nushien Fateh
Photographer/Designer: Sara Marandi
Production Company: Believe Media
Director: Sara Marandi
Director of Photography: David Lanzenberg (Jeanne Vienne, Food DP)
Executive Producer: Jannie McInnes
Line Producer: Marc Benardout
Editing House: Union Editorial
Editor: Laura Milstein
Producer: Susan Motamed (Caryn MacLean, EP)
Audio Mix: Sonic Union
Mixer: Steve Rosen

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I like Alyssa Milano, always did, she's charming. But this is a little stiff, even with her professionalism. Like you say, it's as if the director was blindsided and this was edited together from outtakes.