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Attentats - Message to Obama / Make Love not War - (2008) 1:50 (France)

Jody Bouthillier @ ATTENTATS has a message that they hope to get passed on to Obama - and to ensure that the message gets forwarded by as many people as possible they made a film with some "hot" girl-on-girl action and a sadly predictable "twist". No, I don't think it's hot I'm just slapping the NSFW tag on it in case you work at a place where girls kissing and nipples showing get you fired. To be honest, I would have thought this a much more interesting idea had it been two males.

Dear Obama,

CHANGE CAN HAPPEN. It is the slogan chosen with your team to celebrate the victory of the last elections in front of Mc Cain. And what a beautiful victory.

CHANGE CAN HAPPEN. A man of color leading the most powerful country in the world, which, helped who hardened councillors(advisers) gets ready to bring to a successful conclusion a lot of difficult task and fights .

CHANGE CAN HAPPEN. Your troops are going to withdraw according to Iraq (in spite of the new embassy which cost 565 millions dollars) to go to inflate a little more the number of those already in place in Afghanistan.

CHANGE CAN HAPPEN. Then I would indeed be careful not to give you advices, however just one wish concerning your fight against the terrorism. Do not reproduce the same errors as your predecessor to avoid tens of thousand Afghan citizens to bear the same fate as tens of thousand Iraqi citizens.

Jody Bouthillier.

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