The Australian Traffic Authority : "Speeding drivers have small penises"

Speeding? You're not only a prick but you probably also have a small dick - or that's the message the $1.9 million campaign from the Australian RTA wants speeding youth to remember. In the ads women wiggle their pinkies at burning-rubber guys, implying that the speeding drivers have wee wee-wee's.
(ad inside)

From SMH:

John Whelan, the RTA's director of business co-ordination, road safety and policy, said the campaign aimed to make speeding socially unacceptable.

"To me [the gesture] says 'speeding - no one thinks big of you'," he said. "It will cause people who are speeders to think twice about the image they are creating."

watch the ad here

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The gesture for slow drivers is using just the middle finger.