Autotrader - #Drivenbystyle Auto Chameleon colour changing car stunt (2016)

So, Autotrader and ad agency Zambezi had this great idea for a stunt to show how easy it is to find your car in your favourite colour using the Autotrader site. Using color detection paired with 3D projection mapping tech a parked car changed colour at night to match the clothing worn by people who passed by. This 3D mapping tech changing colours on cars isn't as new as you might think, in 2013, Opel did the color changing car event in the dark night in Denmark, using the same technique. The difference here is that people in Miami could affect the colour by sampling their shirts or shoes.

The "Driven By Style" event took place on Thursday, June 30th leading up to the Fourth of July weekend in the heart of Miami’s Wynwood Arts District.

“Autotrader enables people find their perfect car match, and we wanted to emphasize that you don’t have to search for a car in an expected way,” said Scott Thomas, Senior Director, Consumer Marketing at Cox Automotive, the parent company of Autotrader. “You can use your own life and sense of style as a filter for what you want and need in a car, and Autotrader will help you get there."

“To us, Autotrader isn't just a car shopping brand. It's a technology brand. And nowhere is that more evident than in the technology Autotrader uses to match consumers with their perfect car,” says Zambezi Executive Creative Director Josh DiMarcantonio. “3D color-mapping was a fun, simple way to demonstrate in the real world how Autotrader can take any aspect of a person's life, including what they're wearing, and use that as a filter to find them the perfect car. ”

Of course they can't do this without local social influencers... You will see these accounts promoting this clip with the hashtag #DrivenByStyle
Check @TheDapperMethod, @RemixTheDog, @hi_tola, @parcialmentenublada and @wooSupreme for photos & clips from the event.

Client: Autotrader
Agency: Zambezi
Founder, Chief Executive Officer: Chris Raih
Partner, Executive Creative Director: Josh DiMarcantonio
Associate Creative Director: Ben George
Associate Creative Director: Nick Rodgers
Senior Art Director: Max Pollak
Senior Copywriter: Brian Hallisey
Partner, Head of Content: Alex Cohn
Partner, Executive Director of Technology: Justice Erolin
Sr. Digital Producer: Ziv Sibony
Producer: Katrina Nahikian
Partner, Managing Director: Pete Brown
Account Director: Matt Kline
Account Supervisor: Lauren Bondell
Account Executive: Tori Tessalone
Project Manager: Courtney Szews
Chief Strategy Officer: Kristina Jenkins
Group Strategy Director: Ryan Richards
Strategist: Keely Galgano

Production Company: Unit 9
Director: Andrew Gage
Creative Partner: Michelle Craig
Creative Director: Sean Pruen
Director of Photography: Bart Tau
Executive Producer: Luca DeLaurentiis
Producer: Vianney Comot
Production Manager: Andrew Nathanson

Editorial: Blink Studios
Editor: Paul Oh
Assistant Editors: Sasha Perry

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