Axe - The girlfriend strategy

Low Bull's latest campaign for Axe shows whats happens when young lads get too much time on their hands. Shot with shaky video, it all seems quite like the real deal - and you can thank good casting for that.
"The biggest challenge in the coinage spot was to cast a guy who could actually pull off these amazing feats. After numerous casting sessions and a number of adverts calling for a coinage master, we eventually found our guy. There was no trick photography and no special effects done in post-production - it was all done for real, as was the Rubik's cube commercial" says Gareth Lessing, creative director at Lowe Bull. And that was the easy part. "The hardest part of the shoot was telling our skilled performers that they weren’t going to be 'the Axe guy'. No scantily-clad girls rubbing them down with baby oil. No opportunities to get the phone numbers of two of South Africa's hottest models. No post-shoot good-bye kisses," Lessing concludes.

Super adgrunts, check out the spots below.

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The Axe quarters ad reminds me so much of this youtube video:

So much! They both have the slo-mo celebration scream!

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Aha! Maybe that's what Skorn meant in the comment there! The youtube quarters video you linked is definatly very similar.

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Here's an ad created by a fan of the commercials.....pretty funny...

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You know, that might be Axe's own. I emailed the Lowe Bull contact we have and asked. She won't be back until Monday though. Poo.