AXE peep hole

AXE might be the most fun client to work on in the middle east, judging by the crazy ideas they've done. Here's another example, this one was created by Ash Chagla and SM Ziyad at Lowe United Arab Emirates.

Ash explains: "The stickers were placed above urinals and toilet bowls at the appropriate height - to bring out the AXE Effect, and to give our captive target audience a bit of a laugh."

This ambient idea was shortlisted at Cannes 2005 and a Silver at Epica 2005. It feels a little more "on" the axe tone as well, here women want you so bad that they drill holes through thick marble walls just to peek at you. ;)

Does anyone know what that showerhead on the left is for? Is that like a bidé sort of thing?

Creatives: Ash Chagla and SM Ziyad
Ad agency: Lowe United Arab

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regrettably not: it's for the ca-ca. The local faecal tradition is that the khazis do not come equipped with toilet paper as a default option: just the damn hose-thing, as I found to my cost while working in Qatar. That's also why you never pick up food with the left hand. Move along now, please.

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Oh dear. I never learn. I didn't wanna know.....*thinks of other things*

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Yes, sorry to have been of service. Until next time.

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The showerhead on the left is found in washrooms in most Muslim countries, as it is part of the Islamic hygiene ritual.

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So, my gut instinct is correct then, it's fo the pee-pee? ;)