Ball Park is So American You can Taste It

How American are Ball Park Franks? American enough to pass a citizenship test. can't wait to see how many people are offended by that line. I wish they would have done one about carrying guns.

Advertised brand: Ball Park: Park’s Finest
Advertising Agency: Y&R New York, USA
Agency website:
Y&R New York Creative Credits
Chief Creative Officer: Jim Elliott
Executive Creative Director: James Caporimo
Creative Director/Art Director: Richard Goldstein
Creative Director/Copywriter: Robert Rooney
Art Director: Lisa Zeitlhuber
Copywriter: Anthony Dimichele
Copywriter: Nick Partyka
Illustrator: Charlie Snogans
Photographer: Denis Blaudget
Senior Designer: Jason Borzouyeh
Executive Director of Content Production: Letitia Jacobs
Art Producer: Cindy Pardy
Content Art Producer: Bill Gasti

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Mmmm! Cracked dijon mustard one is my fave.

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Plain yellow mustard. Did someone need practice drawing currency? 2 WTK : for throwing baseball under the buss.

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