BAND-MAID - / Thrill / スリル - music video (Japan)

Overheard in the Adland offices:

- " Sooo, Dabitch, you're posting a video which is the usual "band stands around in white room" and "very cheap split screen edit tricks", really now, is this worthy of being archived?"
- " Japanese girl band."
- " Yeah OK, so it's a girl band, fine, but that's not exactly groundbreaking either."
- " Japanese hard rock girl band."
- " Still not seeing the bleeding edge here?"
- " Japanese hard rock girl band in maid outfits called Band-Maid"
- " That's it, your pun-limits have been used up this week. Stop. I'm cutting you off."
- " That bass solo though. C'mon. You love them."
- " I do, I do."

BAND-MAID® - 2014

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