At Banff Centre you'll see things you can't unthink

As Canada's home from artistic training and creation, Banff Centre offers immersive programs that advance artistic practice, and provides artists and thinkers with the freedom to create the unforgettable. This very much feels like an ad student campaign, no? I think it's because there's way too much copy and its detracting from the provocative images. Also toothpaste is the only ad that works for me because there are no people in it. With the other ones, I'm drawn more to their reaction and not the art itself. Headphones and conch shells, make it seem like I'm going to hear things I can't unthink. But because toothpaste doesn't have a viewer in it, the ad says I'm going to make this kind of art at Banff. The print portion of this campaign which also includes a trippy spot, was shot by Albertan conceptual photographer Justin Poulsen.

Agency: Cossette
Client: Banff Centre

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