Banhof sex-segregated "trigger free" internet

Banhof Internet has created a sex segregated internet, a safe space if you will. To prevent abuse the function is activated by using the users social security number (which reveals gender in Sweden). Those who do not enter their social security number, or do not have an approved personal identification will be shut out completely from the internet, as otherwise we can not guarantee that the filter works as intended, said Jon Karlung, CEO of Internet operator Bahnhof.

Only during certain times will the internet be open to all. Then all non-binary people are welcome. This idea is inspired by the gender-segregated swimming pools in the bath houses currently being put to use in Sweden, as well as the gender-segregated trains in Germany.

- Finally we have found a way to deal with insecurity and problems. Our engineers have worked hard and we activate the gender divided the Internet any minute. The coming days are introduced filtering based on additional factors, such as religious beliefs or views on the nation-state, said Jon Karlung, CEO, Bahnhof.

Based on each user's history and the hard drive is easy to see how the internet needs to be adjusted for that person. It may be a matter of perception of sexist comments, removal of controversial "roundabout dogs", adjustments to the text of the National Anthem, and other things that offend and need censored away. The result is a fully trigger-free Internet.

April Fools!
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