Bank of Montreal "Weightless" (2017) :45 (Canada)

The best wish you can make is a wish for someone else. In this case it was the wish of a wife for her husband. Elite wheelchair racer, actor and stuntman Josh Cassidy gets to live everyone's dream of floating in a simulated zero-gravity chamber. This spot was made to celebrate BMO's 200th year of business. Want to make a wish for someone else? Go to If you'd rather go old school, use their finder to locate a real fountain. BY the way, BMO there will be a lot of wishes throughout its 200th year in business. The bicentennial fountain travels from Toronto to Chicago and Montreal. So far, more than 18,000 wishes have been tossed into the bank’s digital fountain with the top three wishing categories being “Family”, “Happiness” and “Community.” Very cool. And a nice way to celebrate 200 years of business for BMO, too.

Client: Bank of Montreal
Project: Bicentennial
Chief Marketing Officer: Connie Stefankiewicz
Senior Vice President, Brand Advertising and Sponsorships: Justine Fedak
Managing Director, North American Brand, Advertising and Market Research: Jennifer Carli
Vice President, Director North American Brand and Strategy and US Advertising: Michael Sanders
Senior Brand Advertising Manager: Brenna Donoghue
Senior Advertising Manager, Brand and Sponsorship: Melanie Miron

Agency: FCB Canada
CEO: Tyler Turnbull
Chief Strategy Officer: Shelley Brown
Chief Creative Officer: Nancy Crimi-Lamanna
Chief Creative Officer: Jeff Hilts
Group Creative Director: Jeremiah McNama
Group Creative Director: Andrew MacPhee
Sr. Copywriter: Nimy Leshinski
Art Director: Gira Moin
Producer: Tess Waisglass
FR Producer: Anick Rozon
VP, Group Account Director: Tracy Little
Account Director: Ravi Singh
Account Supervisor: Allison Lochhead
FR Account Supervisor: Alexandra Candet
Account Executive: Rameez Al Aghbar

Production Company: Untitled Films
Executive Producers: Lexy Kavluk, Peter Davis
Director: Phil Brown
Director of photography: Chris Mably
Line Producer: Trudy Turner

Editorial: Saints
Editor: Griff Henderson

Post Production Online: Alter Ego

Music and Sound Design: Apollo
Song: “What If”
English singer: Michael Mooney
French singer: Baptiste
Lyrics + Music: Annie-Claude Navert for Apollo Studios

Casting: Powerhouse

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