The bare-chested spokesman: shirtless shilling of edible things trend 2013

As we already noted in the zesty guy gets around post, there's no shortage of shirtless men in advertising these days - and sometimes the spokesmodel is the same guy but for different brands. The trend did not begin with Old Spice, Brawny or even Fabio shilling I can't believe it's not butter. Hell, we've even seen a naked Piers Morgan, who may not be a beefcake but at least he smelled like one.
It seems that this trend has peaked in 2013. Is it perhaps because it's aiming for the 'pink pound' (or dollar if you will), while scoring the bonus free press of offending a million moms, or are we all just easily swayed by shirtless men these days?

Or is it... That we all want to play with our food? And I mean, really play with our food.

Bertolli - Cooking with hot sexy Italian chef, Alfredo Caldo-Freddo

Prima Ice Cream popsicle dreamy creamy men.

Sauza Tequila - Make It With A Lifeguard - (2013) :2:00

Kraft Zesty Italian - The Zesty Guy Says Hey (with bedroom voice)

Sauza Tequila - Make it with a Fireman

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