Barncancerfonden - A hair-raising message - (2014) :90 (Sweden)

Every time I pass these moving digital billboards in the tunnelbana (subway) I smile. They're so minority report and high tech and begging to have creative things done to them. When a shampoo ad used the timing of blowing hair to match the wind caused by subway trains arriving on platform Garbergs took notes. "That's good" they might have thought "but could be better".

And so here's another ad with wind blowing in the young models hair, but the end has a twist. She has no hair.

The ads for Barncancerfonden (Child Cancer Fund) reminds commuters that every day a child gets cancer, and ask for SMS donations of 50 SEK to help research. Anyone who is moved by the message can donate on the spot with the cellphones. (50 sek is like one trip to a Café, or 10 KR more than a subway ticket, so it's affordable for most people making it likely that people do donate)

Agency: Garbergs, Stockholm, Sweden
Copywriter: Sedir Ajeenah
Art Director: Sebastian Smedberg
Creative Director: Petter Ödeen
Photographer: Daniel Griffel
Account Manager: Ida Tenggren
Digital Director: Micke Ring
Producer: Karolina Smedberg
Production company: Adamsky
Post/grading/sound: The Line

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