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The Beancast: Lubricated but loquacious

A Global BeanCast collected in LUBRICATED BUT LOQUACIOUS, which was recorded in the middle of the night for us in Sweden and Faris Yakob, (Genius Steals), who is in London. While on the east coast USA Bill Green (Noble Mouse) was in the middle of happy hour, and in Canada Mitch Joel, (Twist Image) was being all un-Canadian. Our host Bob Knorpp may or may not have had a beer at hand as well.

First, we discuss PR, due to the article "Why do we treat PR like a pink ghetto", which becomes a bit of a hate-fest on PR's worst tactics at the end - those PR professionals who have relationship with us know that were not talking about you, relax. Then we move on to talking about the strengths and weaknesses of twitter amplify, and Faris is fascinated by so many things we as hyper-consumers never use or see, but are touted as the New Big Thing™ in advertising. When we move on to Googles click thru rates going up after some changes to the way they serve ads, I go on a bit of a hate-rant as Google banned Adland for being a porn-site, whilst allowing banner ads on decapitation videos on youtube. Adsense appears in places your brand doesn't want to be such as child pornography sites, and using Adsense supports piracy, so I feel Adsense in general is pretty icky. The simplest way to avoid getting caught up in that is to not use Adsense. The new Facebook thing of pushing out video on their mobile users is discussed last, and I conclude that the 30-second advert is un-dead. Zombie-ads on the web. Eating all your data.

We talk about the ad mishaps, AirBnB's bollocks logo being one of them as it was Badlanded mere minutes after being announced for looking identical to Automatio Anywhere's logo.

I push the Adland G+ page in the shameless plug, as even the post the nymwars are over which asked people to follow our page, not me personally, got me more followers than the Adland page. For ad-news and silly animated gifs, follow the page.

Bonus, we references Boobies and Kittens, for those of you who missed it. That was the F-bomb episode due to our favourite grumpy old man George Parker of Adscam, author of The Ubiquitous Persuaders, joining the show.

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