The Beancast Super bowl hating episode. "Madonna Wins"

Five hours ago I managed somehow to record Bob Knorp's the Beancast together with the excellent ad-critics Ken Wheaton ( @kenwheaton ), Managing Editor Ad Age, David Burn ( @davidburn ) Editor/Publisher of Adpulp and Bill Green ( @mtlb ), cofounder of Adverve Blog and Podcast.

Cliff notes: we hated the super bowl ads. So much that Bob had to delete all the "shit" we said. I'm sorry for being a pottymouth, Bob. My bad. I still reckon that Madonna won the super bowl.

Despite the headcold from hell, I managed to hang on until the end there, and the topics we covered included Komen's PR disaster, facebooks new mobile challenge, and more super bowl topics. Tune in here and see if you can spot at what point my Nyquil-like meds hit me. :P

Here's the SNL skit we talk about:

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