Beefeater 24 special introduces Studio24 an instagram mashup

The creative team Jason Moussalli and Adam Balogh at Publicis London have created this instagram/ mashup. Introducing Studio24, it's a bit like Studio54 except not legendary nor full of legends, or even a physical place. It's a mashup between your instagram photos and your playing habits that you can share with your friends as a snapshot of the soundtrack to last weekend, or rallying cry to do it all again sometime. Check it at

What does this have to do with gin? What makes Beefeater 24 special? Time. It takes 24 hours to steep its botanicals. 24 hours, Studios24, ah you see the connection now don't you?

So while the site is indeed sleek and has responsive dessign meaning pretty much any device can surf it, I haven't tested it out yet as I never signed up for and I just quit instagram. (Avoided since nobody needs to know I can listen to one song 200 times in a day...)

See if you are an instadouche via this handy quiz: If you still have an account, all signs point to yes. Have a G&T. Sorry, a Beefeater 24 special® G&T.

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