Beer ads fail to seduce women

"laddish beer ads accused of alienating women the Guardian.

Interbrew believes women are turned off by images of beer-swilling blokes such as those seen in the recent "He who drinks Australian, thinks Australian" campaign for Foster's.

In and effort to attract women drinkers Interbrew are dropping the famous Castlemaine XXXX slogan.

"Australians wouldn't give a XXXX for anything else" will be replaced by "Australians are Castlemaine XXXing everywhere," according to trade magazine Marketing.

Meanwhile in the states, Miller Genuine Draft are targeting both males and females with their club scene seen from both genders point of view commercials.

From the ladies point of view as she walks through the club, she ranks each guy who looks at her as she passes - dubbing one to be a "player".

The same club seen from a mans point of views sizes up women in the same way, labeling one "high maintenance".

Even the outrageous Miller Light cat fight commercials now comes in more female-friendly versions as the joke plays on.

Miller Lite - Catfight II: Girl Interrupted

Miller Lite - Catfight III: Dawgfight

Might we see more tactics like this one in the future - and less twins and cat fights? I hope so - bring us beer ads with wit, not gags. What say all of you?

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out of the million beer ads i've seen in my lifetime, maybe two or three seem to target women effectively.

it isn't rocket science. i don't see why no brewer has gone after the ladies effectively yet. i can think of a few smart/witty ways to do so w/o going to the "turn the tables" strategy as they do now.

perhaps i will sell my idea to hoegaarden when i'm in belgium.

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aaaah, you should! A good beer should have good ads. ;-)

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Does anyone else remember the Johhny Walker campaign of the eighties? The ads always showed women - jogging on a beach, lounging together at a bar or such, and their discussion: "He's tall and handsome.." - "AND he drinks Johhny Walker Red".

I've walked a mile around Johhny walker and Johhny walker drinkers ever since. We're they trying to sell it to women? Or men who wanted women?