BeGambleAware "Online" (2017) :60 (UK)

"What is it? It's just a bit of fun. Remember that rush? It was 'the best feeling you ever had.' Your words. It was perfect. You said it was. It was ten out of ten. Hundred out of hundred." This film is creepy but quite amazing. At first i thought it was the guy justifying his gambling problem, but then you realize from his words, as well as where he's sitting (on her desk where her laptop would be) but then you realize the guy is actually a a manifestation of the woman's addiction problem. Chilling.

Client: BeGambleAware
Agency: 18 Feet and Rising
Executive Creative Director: Anna Carpen
Creative Director: Will Thacker
Creative: Will Thacker, Louis Jopling
Agency Producer: Russell Taylor
Assistant Producer: Lewis O’Brien
Business Director: Adrienne Little, Andrew Barnard
Senior Account Manager: Emma French
Strategist: Jack Carrington, Frances Docx
Production Company: Park Pictures
Director: Tom Tagholm
Executive Producer: Stephen Brierley
Producer: Nick Goldsmith, Sophie Hubble
Co Producer: Freya Silk
DOP: Mauro Chiarello
Editor: Leo King at Stitch
Prod Designer: Simon Davis
Post Production: MPC
Colourist: George Kyriacou
VFX artist: Kamen Markov
Post Production Producer: Amy Richardson
Sound: Anthony Moore at Factory
Media: Goodstuff Communications (Rob Donnellan)

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Intense performance from that guy. Shades of Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast. Well done!