BI Norwegian Business School "Flying Start" (2015) 3:11 (Norway)

BI Norwegian Business School is going to take one lucky student and give them a huge introduction to Oslo. They'll place ads about you around town, make a documentary about you, help you get dates by putting you in a men's magazine, or women's or both because in Scandinavia they don't judge (bwahahaha) and so much more. It's basically getting your name out there for all to see and hear and read about-- before you've even gone to school. That's one hell of a placement plan. I'm sure narcissistic millennials everywhere will love it. By the way, least you think it's a joke, it isn't. Go to BI's A Flying Start page and see for yourself.

Client: BI Norwegian Business School
Head of Marketing: Arne Wellberg
Marketing Manager: Steffen Fidjeland
Marketing Manager: Anette Skott
Marketing Coordinator: Karen E. L. Skuland
Advertising Agency: TRY
Art Director: Eirik Sørensen
Art Director: Finn Knudsen
Account Director: Kristian Lyse
Account Manager: Helle Jentsch
PR Consultant: Erikha Harket
Digital Agency: Apt
Designer: Joacim Sjöberg
Digital Producer: Linda Tillier
Film Agency: EinarFilm
Regi: Nicolai Cleve Broch
Exec. producer: Guri Neby
Line producer: Henriette Carlsen
Editor: Thomas Trællnes
Musikk: Indianerane
Media Agency: OMD
Senior Account Manager: Simen Ombustvedt
Programmatic Analyst: Madeleine Bredesen
Digital Advisor: Victoria Thompson
Media Partner: Be On Nordics

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