Bicester Village - The Architect - (2015) :30 (UK)

Here's a new variant of the "Clothes make the man" joke, one that reminds me a little of the long-running Synsam campaign that shows people are "architects" and have "key skills with career potential" simply due to their choice of glasses. The insight, that we take on a new persona in our clothes and glasses is very true. Except this pretentious architect who has books about 'Decorative Eggs Throughout History', wears bright statement socks and has a studio so large he needs to Segway around it is really annoying and mocked by the ad. Of course he's also an amateur filmmaker and he spends his days sketching when not posing. Thing is though, it's impossible not to look good in Dunhill, even if he strikes you as a wanker of rank. And when we slip into the perfect high-quality pullover, the classically cut coat, and the cashmere we've invested in, we are buying into the lifestyle of those who have impeccable taste. We might be ready for a bespoke suit just yet, but we can go to Bicester Village and trust that they have found the right items for us, while avoiding running into this architect tosser. The perfect man has us all feeling a bit inadequate, but we needn't when we too can find all the right things to wear in one shop.

Agency: Just So
Client: Bicester Village
Creative Director: Jonny Madderson / Jono Stevens
Art Director: Jessie Williams
Copywriter: Ben Partridge
Director/ Production Co: Just So - Jonny Madderson / Jono Stevens
Producer: Rosie Box
Edito: Jonny Madderson / Ross Hallard
Sound Design: SoundNode
DoP: Charlie Goodger

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