Big people in small spaces

Here's a fresh new badlandian squeeze for all ye who like it with pulp in. Pushing big people into small spaces is fun! Or as our eagle-eyed tipster puns it in Swedish "noll koll"!

The suspect - Visual for Swedish website done by agency Goss, as reported in Resume.

Our friendly tipster says:

I know. Having all this knowledge on the Bloodhound Gang puts my character into question. But the more the Art Director from Goss brags about his visual, the more urgent it gets to Badland it all. Why not admit it, six months ago you saw the record in a shop window. You ripped the idea. Everyone does it. Your ripoff was just a little too true to nature than it should be for your own good.

The presumed original, Bloodhound gangs latest album cover.

And a bonus, for those with Luerzers logins, you can see fat people squeezed into abri posters done by Kesselskramer six years ago here a search on

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Noll Koll is the right way to put it.

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Our friendly tipster tips us yet again, now he points to this article at Resume where the creatives behind the ad fess up to what inspired them.

- It's not a rip-off. We've borrowed the visual expression. It's on purpose, else we'd never made our images so close to the original.
- We saw this as a good oppertunity to use a referens from the pop-music wold, since a common target for is young people. And we are just happy that people undersrtand the flirting nod to Bloodhound gang - we've almost been worried that they might not. says Richard Hallberg.