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Bin Laden is reported dead: Will live on as scary guy in ads.

Bin Laden has been reported killed. But his face will likely live on in advertising, just like Hitler's as a symbol of evil / massmurderer. During the years we've seen him as a brand even. There's the scent of Bin Laden, see Osama's half-bro Yeslam Binladin has the trademark on the name, and while he considered launching bin Ladin jeans he settled for perfume instead. Then there was "The Comedy Terrorist" who dressed up as Bin Ladin to gatecrash Prince William's birthday party. He will have to find a new man to mock.

Bin Laden was used as a spokesperson in French clothing brand Attentats viral video, where he begged us to boycott the brand.

Bin Ladin was used together with Hitler as the symbol of evil, in Brazil his portrait was made out of cigarettes by F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi as a symbol of mass-killer.

In another anti-smoking angle, ADESF encouraged people to quit so that they might live to see Bin Laden captured, far far away in the future.

This condom campaign for Doc Morris Pharmacies where Bin Laden is but a sperm.. a sperm that must be stopped.

In Mexico Nonprofit group Muevete por Tu Ciudad promoted civic-minded behviour using the likes of bin Laden, former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, and George Bush.

Veja Magazine won Clio Gold in 2005 for their "Personality - Bin Laden" poster. (see winners part 2)

Lets not forget, Tony Kaye toured New York doing standup, dressed as Bin Laden. Yes, he did.

While not Bin Laden exactly, these Dutch firework warning ads star a very dumb version of the Taliban.

Osama was also an Air traffic controller in a recruitment ad.

Oh, I forgot the bad eggs ads. Eggs. Yes, we're selling food with Osama now.

Did I forget any ads? Add them to the comments.

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Silly me, I forgot the Obama is a frequent Flyer at British Airways thing. That was just his name tho.