BK tries McDonald's food = sex theory, but fails - and MJ is honored in the gutter bar.

Burger King it'll blow your mind away

Michael Jackson was mourned Cannes Lions style the day after his untimely demise - at the Gutter Bar of course - & FinchFactor has the photo proof of it. Was that guy psychic or what?

The ad that Mark Duffy Copyranter calls "the worst he's ever seen in more than 17 years of industry experience" makes it to Fox news. "It's outlandish," he said. "They obviously didn’t hire a top-notch food photographer." - yeah, haha, that food shot is gross. In fact the whole ad "blows" (taramta!) Trying the McDonald's route of loving it too much / I'd hit it, way over there in Singapore might now backfire on Burger King USA since the ad itself is being debated all over the web. Consensus: It's tacky as hell.

Burger King "it'll blow your mind away"

Forever known as the blow job foot long.

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Is that a real woman? or a photoshopped image of a blow-up doll?