BlogHer noticed we didn't like PETA's save the whales: neither did they

So we didn't like PETA's save the whales ad, at all. Neither did the author of this BlogHer piece: "Adblogger Gets Death Threats etc. Over Human Rights Ads posted on Her Site"

Hey, if you live in Jacksonville, Florida, you may have already seen PETA's latest billboard, which depicts an overweight woman spilling out of her bikini and underneath "Save the Whales" declares, "Lose the blubber: Go vegetarian."

I'm sure that scores and scores of people looked up at that and immediately gave up eating meat. Well done, PETA!

Sorry, I couldn't resist. I have to make a joke to stem the sputtering indignation that I feel over the fact that PETA has, once again, put their supposed quest for animal rights ahead of basic decency towards their fellow humans. And I say that as a slender omnivore with a vegetarian daughter, not that any of that should matter. If I thought for one second that my kid chose to go vegetarian out of some sort of weird fear of being fat, I'd be shoving prime rib down her gullet faster than you could say "all things in moderation."

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