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Blue Cross Blue Shield Of NC - Sarah - (2009) :60

Rabbit Director Matthew Ogens recently helmed a stirring six-part campaign for BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina. The sequence of :30s, done in collaboration with Ogilvy, Durham, plays like a series of micro films that display Ogens' impressive range, from orchestrating action sequences to capturing beautiful scenery to telling a simple narrative with voiceover.

The first trio of spots - Excel, Farm and Motor - features three small businesses in different North Carolina towns that have built themselves into successful enterprises with the BlueCross BlueShield insurance as a safety net for a healthy workforce. The spots are a blizzard of loading docks, garages, showrooms, and bakery ovens, with industrious employees enlivening the scenes. Voiceovers from each business' owner, gushing over the importance of BlueCross BlueShield to growing and maintaining their company, are perfectly synched with the action.

The second trio of :30s - Charles, Jen and Sarah - focuses on the individual stories of a heart transplant recipient, a diabetic, and a head-trauma victim whose lives were enhanced or saved by the resources of BlueCross BlueShield. Each spot shows the central character living their day-to-day life, mowing the lawn, shopping at the grocery store, or, in the case of young Sarah (the head-trauma victim), twirling merrily through a forest. These humble scenes are charged with a special significance and joy through the dramatic voiceovers that explain how BlueCross BlueShield is directly responsible for the procedures or resources that saved each of their lives.

Client: Blue Cross Blue Shield Of NC
Spots Title: Charles, Jen, Sarah
Air Date: November 2009
Creative Consultants: Ogilvy, Durham
Art Director: Tofer Moran
Producer: Herb Campbell

Prod Company: Rabbit
Director: Matthew Ogens
DP: Eric Steelberg
EP(s): Douglas Howell, Anura Idupuganti
Producer: Scott Ludden
Production Supervisor: Eric Stoft
Post/Effects: Company X
Editorial Co: Company X
Editor(s): Barney Miller, Lisa Mogol
EP: Jonlyn Williams
Location: Pittsboro, NC

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