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BMF helps Toohey's get HarvesTED

Tooheys Extra Dry (TED) launches "HarvesTED", a 90-second commercial this Sunday, 6 May on FTA television. The HarvesTED website, which includes interactive games using real video and original music composition, went live yesterday.

The BMF-created advertisement continues to use the cornerstone idea seen in TED communications for some time–-that the desire for the clean, crisp taste of TED is worth going to extraordinary lengths to be satiated. “HarvesTED really is like nothing else beer drinkers have ever seen. It’s a weirdly wonderful cinematic mini film for TV, cinema and the internet that takes the desire and want for TED's clean crisp taste to a whole new level by focusing on the care and attention that goes into 'creating' TED. It certainly breaks new ground and shows that anything's possible when the desire for the clean, crisp taste is strong enough," said National Marketing Director (Acting) Paul Foster.

Commenting on HarvesTED's fantastical farm, pod people, bizarre machinery and rockabilly quiffs, Executive Creative Director at BMF, Warren Brown, said: "Tooheys Extra Dry has a tradition of delivering unexpected and highly creative ideas to the market. HarvesTED has opened up a whole new territory for TED, both strategically and creatively; the passion that goes into making TED and the desire for the clean crisp taste are captured in a creatively adventurous idea that literally breaks new ground. It is an idea that is iconic, will set the bar even higher for beer advertising in this country and provide plenty of fertile ground for more innovative and unexpected ideas in the future."

"TED consumers are part of what we refer to as the 'screen' generation which means we have to communicate with them no matter what 'screen' they prefer whether it be a television screen, movie screen or computer screen. Basically our approach with HarvesTED is to interact with consumers at every possible opportunity and to enable them to play a part in forming the entertainment," Foster said.

HarvesTED's music was composed exclusively for the TVC and is an original score comprising samples and recorded tracks created by Aussie band, Decoder Ring.

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The music for this spot is a remix of "Yama Yama", adapted from Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki, a pseudo-Japanese concept album produced by French duo Jean Kluger and Daniel Vangarde in 1972. The track, featuring a Japanese choir singing over drum patterns, vibes and fuzz guitar work outs, was part of a cult following dance scene in France in the early 1970s.

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Thanks duncanmacl. The music is a brilliant fit!