BMW 3 series - the new BMW 3 - (2015) :30 (UK)

This advert began airing yesterday and goes with the billboards of each BMW 3 since 1972. Nifty stunt driving shows all six generations of 3 Series gliding down a race track, overtaking the last generation one after the other. Shot in a single frame, with voice over by James D’arcy and a brilliant score created by massive music. It begins with a jazzy flair concentrating on the standing base, only to get more contemporary for each car and it works splendidly. That is up until the point the BMW sound logo appears and I just want to STABBY STAB STAB something because that clash is horrible, and ...uh... wow I care a little too much about ads, it was Creative Director or insane asylum, clearly.

Katy Wright, Managing Partner, FCB Inferno says “The only way to celebrate the category founding 3 Series turning 40 was to create stand-out creative for iconic media sites, across every touch-point. The enjoyment of making this campaign was made all the more personal by borrowing the cars seen from real owners, who shared our excitement in bringing this to life”.

Nicola Green, Brand and Launch Communications Manager, BMW UK says “The 3 Series is at the heart of our brand and has been a true representation of The Ultimate Driving Machine over the last 40 years and will continue with the latest model. To mark this anniversary we wanted a campaign that would reflect the continued improvement of each generation, and the significance of the innovations within the cars, as well as the powerful affection that has developed for the 3 Series in the UK”.

FCB Inferno
Exec Creative Director – Al Young Art Director – Raymond Chan Copywriter – Simon Cenamor Account Director – Fiona Witcomb Planning Director – Ben Jaffe Producer – Tom Colbeck
Production Company – Rogue Films Producer – Tom Farley Editor – Guy Savin @ Marshall Street Editors Post-production producer – Ian Harland Post-production – Absolute Post Audio Post-production – Nick Davis Music Composition Company – Massive Music

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Does anyone know where this is being shown?
On TV or Cinema or both? Which channel? What time?

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Somebody tried to out do Audi style ads that play during sportscar racing, usually on channels showing Touring Series. I would expect to see this on any cable channel like; TNT, FX, Esquire, Lifetime, AMC, and others. Also any USofA football game, basketball game. Or primetime movie.

Audi cuts to logo frame so that bit of closure is not pasted on the car. Sorry BMW you got it wrong -- that white rectangle with logo, not to be picky, sucks.