BMW "Hot lap pitch" (2017) 1:45 (USA)

"There aren't that many original ideas," Susan Hobbs, a partner at CrunchFund says in this ad/reality tv stunt. And that's certainly true in this BMW ad created by KBS in partnership with TechCrunch Brand Studio in which a series of contestants have to give a sales pitch Shark Tank-style in a fast BMW. We've already seen "do something in fast car," executions from Renault. (dating), Ford Mustang (same concept, dating) and BMW itself gave us the fastest Christmas song in the world. At least this is arguably the most conceptually relevant as we are playing off the old elevator pitch. Note that the judges (Hobbs and Patrick Gallagher, also partner from CrunchFund) are not losing their dignity and possibly lunch by getting into the car to hear the pitch. They are hearing the speed pitch from afar.

I've never understood why its so exciting to see a car like the BMW M550 ride at top speed when in reality there is nowhere you can legally do that except a race track. But spots cars appeal to certain types, and I'm not a tech geek, SIlicon Valley douchebag or entrepreneur, which is apparently the niche demographic they are going after here. I'm also not into reality television as that concept tends to cheapen everything it touches unless its done right. Maybe you want to know how the nine contestants did. If so you can go to Hot Lap Pitch and learn all about it. Or I'll give you the spoiler: The winner was Erica Lee, the co-founder and CEO of, a startup that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to analyze farm data to solve the world’s crop issues.

Yeah okay. I'd rather watch Elizabeth Holmes get in this car and plead to a judge why Theranos should ever get the right to operate again after their alleged shenanigans as at least that would have broken the mold of reality tv.
But that's just me.

One last thing about this: the low quality feed from the mounted camera in the interior do not make the car look good so they are doing BMW's new 5 series a disservice here. But if this ad somehow managed to grab you or you want to know that the the car used in filming- the BMW M550i, is the fastest 5 Series ever, and not yet available to the public.

Client: BMW North America
Agency: KBS
Content Studio: TechCrunch brand Studio

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