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BMW - Impact - (2008) :30 (USA)

Car parts shatter into coins in this spot from GSD&M Idea City to make a point about how much you save with BMW.

Aladino Debert : Creative Director
Rober Lin : Associate CD / Art Director
Jeff Blodgett : Agency Producer
Rick Fishbein : Executive Producer
Darren Foldes : Executive Producer
Rich Pring : Executive Producer
Joanne Duray : Producer
Director: Rebecca Baehler
Production Company: Green Dot Films
Agency Assoc. Creative Director/CW : Andy MIller
Agency Assoc. Creative Director/AD: Rober Lin
Agency Executive Producer : Jeff Johnson
Agency Senior Producer: Sybil McCarthy Hadfield

VFX : Radium
Executive Producer: Jeff Blodgett
Director of Business Development : Meghan Lang
Creative Director : Aladino Debert
Producer : Matt Thunell
Lead Artist : Federico Saccone
Editor : Lee Gardner
Prod Coordinator : Kmarie Walters
Audio Mixer : Frank Pittenger
Audio Coordinator : Marvin Robinson

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