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BoConcept - The Fight / Mads Mikkelsen (2016) 3:00 (Denmark)

Mads Mikkelsen opens the door and declares with his distinct Danish-English accent; "So you found me." that's the opening salvo of a bizarre fight that tears through rooms, across dining tables, and eventually slams through walls. All the while the BoConcept team are re-desiging Mads Mikkelsens home, brightening up the place with new furniture, wall colours and decorative details. The only time Mads speaks to them is to ask if they have a vase in grey.

Although the film is just under 3 minutes long, it’s packed with action and special effects. ‘It’s been a while since I have had a more physically demanding role like this one’ explains Mads Mikkelsen. ‘I really enjoyed doing these stunts – I may just have turned 50, but I am in super shape and I think it is so much fun to do things like this.’ Mads was guided through the stunts by the professional stunt coordinator Kimmo Rajala. ‘Mads is very athletic and eager to make it look just right, so it was one of those projects that was a real pleasure to work on.’

‘THE FIGHT’ is directed by Mads Mikkelsen’s old friend and colleague Dejan Cukic. The special effects team is led by Hummer Højmark, an industry veteran, who has done SFX for many blockbuster action films with Mockingjay II as the most recent one. ‘THE FIGHT’ was shot on location in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Entertaining as it is, I'm not a fan of "lets paint everything white & neutrals like grey" in Scandinavian decor, but it does show off the furniture well in ads which is why we usually see it in ads. Seeing as the dark home he had before had more character, and it's a great space, it's just a minor nitpick of mine that I wish BoConcept had at least done slightly bolder wall colours for each room. That's an interior design pick though, and BoConcept are not selling paint, but furniture.

Credit List:
Agency: &Co together with director Dejan Cukic
Director: Dejan Cukic & Thomas Busk
Camera: Eric Kress
SFX: Dansk Special Effekt Service
Stunt Coordinator: Kimmo Rajala

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