Boots "No7 Lift & Luminate with Alessandra Ferri" (2016) 1:03 (UK)

World class ballet dancer Alessandra Ferri, was the youngest ever Principal dancer for The Royal Ballet, and is still dancing at 52. To celebrate this look young at any age motif, this spot features Ferri dancing, literally, with a 25 year old version of herself. When she first performed in the Royal Ballet as a principal in a production of Romeo & Juliette. While she still dances the same as she did back then, she also doesn't, because she's bringing more than a quarter century worth of experience with her.

Client: Boots
Agency: Mother London
Director: Tom Harper
Choreographer: Wayne McGregor

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That was a really nice new take on the old glorified ageless beauty cream shill. Also good there's not a heavy vaseline lens going on, I hate that, when she looks great in 'regular' light. Amazing she's still so light on her feet, I kept thinking where does she get her energy? Sell more things with Alessandra, please.