BOSE - "Music is my –––" (2015) :90 (Canada)

Combining the boundless energy of 11 year old Taylor Hatala dancing with a mix of improvised drum solos by UK jazz drumming legend Steve Noble, we find ourselves in the world of Bose, or rather inside Taylor's head. Shot in Toronto's elegant St. Lawrence Hall, and later the Toronto subway, it captures pretty much exactly what goes on in my head when I'm listening to music on my ginormous headphones. So if you've ever seen a redhead twitching along on the train and occasionally head-bopping like Animal in the muppets, it's probably because I have Ginger Baker on my playlist. We all do this, right?

"I wanted to do something different, and I wanted to push Taylor out of her musical comfort zone to see what she would come up with,” said director Max Sherman. “Taylor and her choreographer, Alexander Chung, choreographed and rehearsed a routine, and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. She's tantalizing to watch.”

Agency: Mofilm
Client: Bose
Director: Max Sherman
Producer: Paul Matthews
Cinematographer: Kiel Milligan
Stylist: Tiffany Briseno
Executive Producers: Harland Weiss, Donovan Boden, Liz Dussault
Production Company: OPC

Dancer: Taylor Hatala
Choreographer: Alexander Chung
Editorial: Relish Editing
Editor: Chris Murphy
Post Production: Alter Ego
Colourist: Tricia Hagoriles
Music: Steve Noble
Sound Mix: Vapor Music

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