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Boss Orange - Sienna Miller / Baby you can drive my car - (2009) :30 (UK)

Director Cliff Watts of Looking Glass Films recently directed Sienna Miller in a new ad for BOSS looking glass films cliff wattsOrange, created via Grey London. Produced in Los Angeles for worldwide release, the spot has catapulted sales of the fragrance throughout Europe, surpassing all expectations, even selling-out at perfume counters in the UK. The ad likewise has developed a broad fan base on YouTube, where it has inspired affectionate shot-for-shot remakes of Watts’ and Miller’s playfully flirtatious – and stunning – exchange with the camera. Based on its success, there is talk of the spot being broadcast in all regions. Watts (pict., r.), a distinguished fashion photographer, has created layouts for countless major magazines in Europe and America: Vanity Fair, W, Esquire, Wallpaper, and Elle, have all featured his work on their pages. His print ad clients include worldwide campaigns for L’oreal, Revlon, Banana Republic, Nine West, and Armani Jeans. His music videos for Beyonce complement these projects, which have paired him with celebrity subjects such as Halle Berry, David Beckham and Scarlett Johansson, among others. He now enters the world of directing with this arresting and effective fragrance spot. The BOSS Orange project came to Watts via CD Karen Ellis of Grey London, who had worked with him on still campaigns and felt his ability to capture an intimate, beautiful and playful portrait of celebrity would be perfect for her client; she showed the work to the team at Hugo Boss, which shared her enthusiasm. The project was complete with the signing of Sienna Miller. Best known for her serious turns on screen, Miller was pleased by the opportunity to collaborate with Watts on the signature free-spirited mood of the Boss Orange film. “It was a wonderful experience. As much direction as I gave Sienna, she delivered so much more,” Watts recalls. “There was great energy on set. Sienna has a really wonderful team of people working with her, and that helped create such a positive vibe.” “Cliff’s sets are always fun, there is music playing, everyone is smiling and engaged – focused on the project at hand – the cast, the client, the crew – not the typical commercial set,” says Looking Glass owner/EP June Guterman. Guterman explains that Watts kept the shoot as simple as possible. “Directorially and technically, Cliff crafted something really elegant, so as not to distract from the process of capturing the interaction between Sienna and the camera.” “I like to create films that are insightful, accessible, and interesting on a very human level, exposing a range of emotions that run the full spectrum. Sienna’s feelings, her authentic, unscripted reactions to the things I’d say…that’s what was most important for this piece,” Watts affirms. Watts was reunited with Miller on a recent still photo shoot for another BOSS fragrance. “She mentioned that she really enjoyed the spot and the process,” he notes. “The brand took a risk with this, and it seems to have paid off, which is very gratifying. The shot-for-shot remakes are a big compliment as well, and a kick to watch.” “These days, you don’t want to be serious all the time,” Watts concludes. “Sometimes, you want to spray something on and go have fun. We wanted the spot to capture that free-spiritedness.”

Client: Hugo Boss/BOSS Orange
 Spot Title(s): DEBUTANTE 
First Air Date: July 2009 Agency: Grey London 
Creative Director: Karen Ellis
 Agency Producer: Ian Randle Production Company: Looking Glass Films 
Director: Cliff Watts
 EP: June Guterman
 DP: Kris Kachikis Production Designer: Richard Berg Editorial: Final Cut
 Editor: Steve Ackroyd Telecine: Rushes

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