Bottle voodoo between Bavaria and Brutal Fruit

In the old Marca Bavaria ad, made in Canada 2003 which created a stir back then, a man on a beach notices that how he moves the bottle affects how the beach babe moves.....

Well, it looks like a bar babe has copped that guys move.

The original? Marca Bavaria, Beach babe moves like the beach bums bottle. He's is thrilled and even rips the label off the bottle at the end, to which the girl almost takes her knickers off but then changes her mind. Seems she was toying with him all that time. This ad ran in Canada back in 2003.

La copie? (I learned that french from joelapompe! Merci!)

Bored babe in a bar discovers that what she does to a bottle affects a man at the bar. Naturally she rips the label off as well. This ad is currently airing in the USA and has been listed as ad of the week over here at AdAge.

Any more bottle-based coincidences out there? :)

Update: Mediafact is quick to suggest in the comments below, that the vodoo they do in the Axe ad is another twist on the same idea, so here is a big link to that ad, cable version (which means the naughtly nipple scene is in).

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And what about the Axe Touch commercial from some time ago?

See the Axe Touch (60 secs) commercial at

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You mean this one? Axe - Touch Cable Version 2004?

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Yep, that's the one! No bottle this time but the voodoo-idea is the same.

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Lovely. Triplets. The bottle-twins are almost identical just with the genders reversed.

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At least in the Brazilian ad there was someone
worth looking at. In the Martin spot the guy
looks like Beck's retarded cousin.
Negative zero on the man-crush meter.
Shame Federico Aubele whored out his music too.

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