Brack "Christmas" (2016) 1:00 (Switzerland)

Brack is an online retailer. To celebrate Christmas, they decide to focus on bad feelings and bad gifts instead of the usual happy stuff. Oscar nominated director Patrik Eklund helmed this painfully awkward and funny spot featuring two scientists in a remote lab somewhere. Markus Mahler (CEO)
Chris Gärtner (Campagin Coordination)
Sandrine Knechtli (Team leader Marketing Planning)
Patrick Hoerdt (Team leader MarCom)
Marc Isler (CMO)
Freundliche Grüsse: Pascal Deville, Res Matthys, Max Benrath, Nadine Mojado, David Elmiger, (Creation)
Christian Haueter (Consulting)
Niels Vije (Agency Producer)
Hobbyfilm (Movie Produktion)
Patrik Eklund (Direction)
Gustav Danielson (DOP)
Ola Rutz (Producer)

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