The Brands of Santa (2015) 2:15 (Canada)

Just in time for Christmas, KBSP Canada poses the question What if other brands got to Santa before Coke did? What would the iconic bearded jolly fat guy in red suit look like? To find out, they brought on Montreal-based illustrator Sharif Tarabay to try on some different looks for other brands. The catch of course is that these images are without logos since KBSP isn't affiliated with them. Still it's not hard to figure out what the one with the Swedish flag is, or the naked santa with the sign Fir not Fur is. To check out the others, go to Brands of Santa. Although in truth I found the video way more entertaining. I think it's because Tarabay's accent reminds me of my Montreal days.

Illustrator: Sharif Tarabay
Agency: kbs+
Chief Creative Officer: Matt Hassell
Executive Creative Director: Ian Mackenzie
Associate Creative Director: Jon Lane
Writer: Warren Hass
Writer: Robin Porter
Agency Producer : Brenda Surminski
Social Media: Lisa Pratt
Production Company: OPC
Directors: Jon + Torey
Line Producer: Ian Webb
Executive Producers: Harland Weiss, Donovan Boden, Liz Dussault
Editing House: School Editing
Editor: Ryan Hunt
Executive Producer: Sarah Brooks
Color: Alter Ego
Colorist: Conor Fisher
Music and Sound Design: TA2 Music

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