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Britney and Justin - together for GAP

I ask, who needs to see them one more time? I can't be the only person on the planet utterly sick of the Britney and Justin saga, please tell me I'm not.

Britney and Justin will quite likely reunite for a GAP advert, they have yet to agree but the deal will net them more than 1,6 million dollars (US) each. Since they have a history of selling out to the highest bidder, Justin just made quite a bundle for his McDonalds deal, GAP can consider the deal done. Quite obviously advertising execs already do as they have spoken to ananova about it.

They'll sing, I'll hurl. Gap needs not worry as I never once gave them my patronage, and certainly never will after these ads.

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It's another "jump on the bandwagon" type of gimmick that I'm so sick of. It seems lately there's a lot of that - from the same actors/singers/celebs to the "popular" songs in the ads.
Gag me with a spoon, dude.

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Speaking of gagging, the July teen issue of Vanity Fair, anyone?

I'm not sure I like the direction things are taking. I miss the early '90s... I want grunge, damnit.

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Wasn't this already a bomb of a movie?

Oh wait. That was From Justin to Kelly.

I'm getting my cute mop headed boys and my slightly pudgy makeover maniac girls confused.

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Thats another problem with these mass-produced poplets, Christina had to turn into a skank before I could tell her and Britney apart. ;)

Not a new phenomenon though, remember the Monkeys. yeah-hey-we're-the-monkeys...

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The Monkees! Now you're talking. They personified individuality down to the space in that one poor sap's grill!

By the way, for the record, Britney is the one with the mystery boobs, bumpkin drawl and overly large noggin as though she suffered from down syndrome. Xtina on the other hand, is the crackhead thin one with the hook nose and extremely fake chest. Mandy Moore is the thespian of the lot who cannot dance for her life, while Jessica Simpson is the unfortunate double d au naturale of the bunch.