BT Mobile "first steps" (2018) 1:00 (UK)

Cute spot from AMV BBDO for BT Mobile featuring new parents and their baby who has just taken her first steps. While the mum is going off to work the dad is sure to share it with her via Facetime or the equivalent. That's your "awww" moment for the day.

Client: BT Mobile
Agency: AMV BBDO
Chief Creative Officer: Paul Brazier
Agency Executive Producer: Yvonne Chalkley
Agency Assistant Producer: Felicity Bamber
Production Company: Great Guns
Director: Olly Blackburn
Exec Producer: Sheridan Thomas
Producer: Tim Francis
Director of Photography: Jaime Feliu Torres
Production Designer: Marie Lanna
Casting Directors: Des Hamilton Casting, Kharmel Cochrane Casting
Editor: James Demetriou
Telecine: Seamus O'Kane @ The Mill
Sound Mix: Culum Simpson @ Grand Central
Music: Alexandre Desplat

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