Bud Light Party - Weddings - (2016) :30 (USA)

Bud light keep digging the hole deeper with Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan. Here their Bud Light Party tackles weddings. Weddings, the most cliché advertising scenario there is. Then Seth and Amy mock the awkward speeches, a joke so old it can be carbon dated, and women who fight over the bride bouquet, a phenomena that has been a staple joke of forgettable comedies since silent films. How... refreshing?

The only that isn't tired and old in this ad, is the fact that it's a gay wedding between two men.... wait who held the bride bouquet? But even that is old, because it's pandering, and pandering is the oldest move in the advertising book. Also, it never works, why haven't agencies learned this? I think this entire campaign is a fail and each ad released tells me that I'm right.

See also The Bud Light Party ad that kicked off the Super Bowl - Update and the Equal Pay ad that fails even harder than this one.

Ad agency: Weiden & Kennedy

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