Budweiser "America Is In Your Hands" (2017) 8:02 (USA)

Last year, Budweiser came out with a special edition can called America. Now they are getting out to interview real Americans. In this case, filmmaker Tony Fulgham set out to interview guitar player Ayron Jones (Seattle native), ecologist Chris Morgan who lives in the North Cascades, and chef Nong Poonsukwattana, an immigrant who came here with just 70 dollars and a dream in her pocket.
Ayron Jones' story is powerful, Poonsukwattana's is one of hard work and perseverance, which is the true embodiment of the American dream. And Chris Morgan is a British bloke who hangs out with bears and likes big iconic American forests.
America seems to be a theme we're stuck with especially as it pertains to immigrants. And that's all well and good provided there's something unique to the stories. And as interesting as these people are and as much as I applaud their hard work and success to get where they are (especially Aryon Jones who I've liked for a while now) it just feels like these stories are familiar and have nothing to do with Budweiser beyond the fact their founder came here from another country. Which is also true of Frederick Pabst, Adolph Coors, Frederick MIller and David G. Yuengling. That latter one is the only beer worth drinking in the list, in my opinion. Point is, at least four other beer companies could have gone down the same route, so it's not an ownable idea. But hey, at least it doesn't star Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen.

Client: Anheuser-Busch
Agency: PB&
Principal: Britt Fero
Director of Content: Pete Anderson
Creative: Meredith Abbott
Strategist: Ben Salaman
Director: Tony Fulgham
Executive Producer: Sarah Shipley
Director of Photography: Carrie Robinson
Editor: Andy Seaver

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