Budweiser Clydesdales Bow Anheuser-Busch "Respect - (2002) :30 (USA)

Budweiser Clydesdales Bow 60 seconds.
Second Quarter.
The big horses pay their respects to the Manhattan skyline.

This commercial only aired once, 2nd quarter during the super bowl. The commercial was available on the Anheuser Busch website for over a year but never aired on TV again.

Update September 11 2011 - This ad aired again today.

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Client: Anheuser Busch
Agency: Hill Holliday, Boston
Executive Creative Director: Tim Foley

AnonymousCoward's picture
AnonymousCoward's picture

The first time I saw this commercial, I only caught the last couple of seconds. I never knew what it was all about. Now I finally found it and it never fails to give me a lump in my throat. Beautiful idea, by magnificent animals... Wow!