CACPD "Excuses vs reasons 3" (2015) :15 (USA)

Very snarky spot for The Colorado Advisory Council for Persons With Disabilities reminding you that spots for disabled people are there for a reason, and your excuses mean nothing for using them if you don't need them. While it's definitely true those excuses are made, I do have to question whether guilt shaming is the best way to get people to think twice.

Client: Colorado Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities
Agency: Amélie Company
Creative Director: Pat Feehery
Associate Creative Director: Eric Hines
Art Director: Chelsea Anderson
Copywriter: Olivia Abtahi
Director: Pat Feehery and Olivia Abtahi
Director of Photography: Dan Knudson
Executive Producer: Rachel Farah
Senior Producer: Brian Lynn
Account Coordinator/Script Supervisor: Kate Hinson
Account Supervisor: Mackie Clonts
Production Company: One Floor Up, Denver, CO
PR + Social Account Executive: Jamie Alvarez
PR + Social Account Coordinator: Holly Franklin

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David Felton's picture

I think the insight here is off.

People who justify themselves parking in a disabled spot, already know they're doing the wrong thing. This PSA doesn't tell them anything they're not already aware of. They're assholes, but I reckon the majority are self-aware assholes. I'd like to see something a bit tougher like 'Park in a disabled bay? Prepare to be towed.' And then having their car towed away by a group of disabled workers. Shit, that would be funny.

kidsleepy's picture

That would make an amazing stunt. If you want to shame someone, at least make it visceral.

David Felton's picture

Haha, thanks, glad you like the idea.

Dabitch's picture

Good lord, that would be awesomely painful to watch, QUICK get a client RIGHT THIS MINUTE.