Cafe Cuba "Join The Coffee Revolution" (2014) 2:30 (India)

The first carbonated coffee drink in India was launched last year. Now, it's time for a revolution. (Get it? Revolution? Cuba? Oh, never mind.) This is part of an integrated campaign for Cafe Cuba. The spot has a very late 90's feel meets something more modern.

Dude, they aren't messing around. They will commandeer cola trucks for their own bidding.

You better bring your kevlar vest and a caffeine tolerance, you know what I mean? This party isn't going to stop any time soon.

Party?! Revolution?! Sheesh, you people have no sense of humor, I tell you.

Client: Cafe Cuba
Creative Agency: Creativeland Asia
Production House: Ransom Films
Director: Bharat Sikka
Producer: Salil Khurana

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