Caitlyn for California - "American Dream" (2021) 3:00 (USA)

Caitlyn Jenner, the celebrity-turned-California-Republican gubernatorial candidate, has released the first commercial in their recall campaign to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom. The ad has everything you'd expect from a three-minute political campaign ad, soft-focus flags, shots from the former glory days, and a lot of finger-pointing at current problems. The homeless situation, the bankrupt business the failing schools. And a promise to make it all better, but not a word on exactly how. Caitlyn promises to represent all Californians and sneers at how the current leadership is elitist. Hmm. Forgive me, but isn't Caitlyn quite elite too? Very few people get to kill someone in a car accident and have no repercussions. 

The focus is on the American dream, which was born and raised in California according to Caitlyn's ad. 

"Career politicians and their policies have destroyed that dream. It's been locked away, closed, shuttered, left in the dark, burned down. The government is now involved in every part of our lives. They've taken our money, our jobs and our freedom." Arguably, all of this is true which is why Californians have decided to recall Newsom, but Caitlyn doesn't present any strategies or ideas for making it better in this ad. This ad is simply the rallying cry, and as far as American political ads go, it's a good one. 

Client: Caitlyn for California

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