Canary Island - Fog taggers / Fogvertising (2016) : (Spain)

You know that old saying that we get our best ideas in the shower? This seems to be what happened here. On public transportation when the cold and fog of fall rolled in, DEC BBDO went around tagging windows with the message that the Canary Islands have the best climate in the world. The idea is cute, but clearly limited in scope. The tagging was done with soap meaning it reappears when the fog appears. Which is probably every evening when the bus fills with hot people after a cold empty drive.

Advertising Agency: DEC BBDO, Barcelona, Spain
Executive Creative Director: Eduard Baldrís, Rafa Soto
Creative Director: Elisabet Colomé, Valen Soto
Copywriters: Emma Estecha, Clara Peraferrer
Costumer Service Director: César Torras
Account Supervisor: Cesc Caparrós

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