Cannes Film Lions Winners 2005

Well, it's not much of a surprise to us, but W+K London took home the Grand Prix with "Grr" for Honda Diesel. It also won the Journalists' Award.

Honda: GRR - hate something, change something

Bravo to the team!
CDs: Tony Davidson/Kim Papworth
CWs/ADs: Sean Thompson/Michael Russoff/Richard Russell Agency Producer: Charlie Tinson/Rob Steiner
Production Company: Nexus Productions, London
Directors: Adam Foulkes/Alan Smith
Producers: Jullie Parfitt/Chris O'reilly
Editor: Nexus
Music: Be Nice To The Pigeons/Hate Something
Sound/Design Arrangement: Wave London
Account Supervisor: Francesca Sellers
Advertiser's Supervisor: Matt Coombe

TBWA/Chiat/Day took home Gold for two categories, Corporate and Best Use of Music with their "Hello Tomorrow" spot for Adidas.

Adidas: Hello Tomorrow

Creative Directors: Lee Clow/Chuck McBride/Joe Kayser
CW: Chuck McBride AD: Joe Kayser
Agency Producer: Jennifer Golub
Production Company: MJZ, Los Angeles
Director: Spike Jonze
Producer: Vincent Landay (Executive Producer)
D.O.P/Lighting Cameraman: Ellen Kraus
Editor: Haines Hall
Music: Karen O Of The Yeah/Yeah/Yeahs (Squeak-e-clean)
Account Supervisor: Doug Sweeny

Olympus' banned "Red-Eyed Baby" ad, which became a viral last month was one of the three in a campaign, also including "Cropped Tourists", "Blurry Boy" and "Distorted Dogs", by Springer & Jacoby International, Amsterdam that won Gold.

CDs: Aris Theophilakis/Murray White
CWs: Murray White/Sharon Cleary
AD: Chris Pugmire
Agency Producer: Ronald Milton
Production Company: Tony Petersen Film
2nd Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks, Los Angeles
Director: Noam Murro
Producer: Mandy Kothe
D.O.P/Lighting Cameraman: Ellen Kuras
Editor: Russel Icke/Sam Gunn (whitehouse)
Music: Sander van Maarschalkerweerd (sizzer)
Sound/Design Arrangement: Scramble, London: Alex Nicholls-Lee
Account Supervisor: Thomas Diekmann
Advertiser's Supervisor: Hans Thiele

King Kong strikes in the Gold winner for Ford Ranger Opencab Trucks by JWT Bangkok.

Ford Ranger: King Kong

CD: Pinit Chantaprateep
CW: Wichian Thongsuksiri
ADs: Rungsun Suwannachitra/Taya Soonthonvipat
Agency Producer: Poj Rajkulchai
Production Company, City: Phenomena, Bangkok
Director: Thanonchai Sornsrivichai
Producer: Piyawan Mungkung
D.O.P/Lighting Cameraman: Tweesak Kumpati
Editor: Monop Boonvipas
Sound/Design Arrangement: Cine Digital
Account Supervisor: Smith Surabotsopon
Advertiser's Supervisor: Saroj Kiatfuengfoo/John Fink

A hearty congratulations to the folks responsible for the amazingly well done and epic length Vibrators/The Right One spot for AIDES awareness by TBWA/Paris. A well deserved Gold.

"The right one"

Ad Agency: TBWAParis, Boulogne-Billancourt
CD: Erik Vervroegen
CWs: Véronique Sels/Erik Vervroegen
AD: Erik Vervroegen
Production Company, City: Wanda Productions, , La Plaine Saint-Denis
Music: Vibrators/Baby Baby

The folks at Saatchi & Saatchi in London also won Gold for their well done appeals spot for the NSPCC on child abuse.

NSPCC Puppet

CD: Tony Granger CW: Leo Premutico AD: Jan Jacobs
Agency Producer: Manuela Franzini
Production Company, City: Large, London
Director: Danny Kleinmann
Producer: Johnnie Frankel
D.O.P/Lighting Cameraman: John Mathieson
Editor: Steve Gandolfi
Music: Michael Andrews/Carpation Ridge
Sound/Design Arrangement: Grand Central
Account Supervisor: Jason Briggs

CW Johnathan Budds and AD Anita Davis of JWT, London won Silver for their creepy but interesting twist on the typical Vodka commercial for Smirnoff Red Vodka.

Smirnoff: Life after death

CD: Nick Bell CW: Jonathan Budds AD: Anita Davis
Agency Producer: Denise Connell
Production Company, City: PARTIZAN, London
2nd Production Company, City: TRAKTOR, London
Director: Traktor
Producer: Jim Bouvier
D.O.P/Lighting Cameraman: Ben Seresin
Editor: Joe Guest
Sound/Design Arrangement: Pete Raeburn

Grupo Gallegos in Long Beach, California should be very happy with their Sliver win for Energizer Batteries featuring a man who can't stop taking pictures.

Energizer: Picture man

CD: Favio Ucedo CWs: Aida Roman/Martin Jalfen
AD: Facundo Romero
Production Company, City: FLIP FILMS, Santa Monica

BBH NY's Residue spot for AXE brought them a Silver, directed by Noam Murro.

Axe Recycling

CD: William Gelner CWs: Matt Ian/Brian Friedrich
AD: Amee Shah
Agency Producer: Higgins
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks, Los Angeles
Director: Noam Murro
Editor: Avi Oren

Noam Murro was also the director of BBH London's modern take on Shakespeare's "A Midsummer's Night Dream" for Levi's 501 Jeans with Anti-Fit, which also won Silver.

Levis 501 anti fit

CD: Marc Shillum CW/AD: Nick Gill
Agency Producer: Bradley Woodus
Production Company: Independent Films, London
2nd Production Company: Biscuit Filmsworks, Los Angeles
Director: Noam Murro

Even through it was pulled from the Australian airwaves, Nike's "Tennis Instructor" spot by the folks at Wieden + Kennedy, Portland still managed to get Silver from the judges.

Nike: Tennis Instructor

CDs: Hal Curtis/Mike Byrne
CW: Alberto Ponte AD: Bill Karow
Agency Producer: Andrew Loevenguth
Production Company: Gorgeous Enterprises, London
Director: Chris Palmer
Producer: Rupert Smythe
D.O.P/Lighting Cameraman: Ben Seresin
Editor: Haines Hall

Lowe London's "Pilot" for Stella Artois won Bronze for CWs/ADs Vince Squibb, Jason Lawes, and Sam Cartmell.

Stella Atrois: Pilot

CD: Damon Collins
CWs/ADs: Vince Squibb/Jason Lawes/Sam Cartmell
Agency Producer: Charles Crisp
Production Company: Stink, London
Director: Ivan Zacharias
Producer: Nick Landon
D.O.P/Lighting Cameraman: Jan Velicky
Editor: Filip Malasek
Sound/Design Arrangement: Hothouse Music
Account Supervisor: Ben Sareen/Matt Edwards
Advertiser's Supervisor: Lee Rolston

BBDO NY's campaign for Mountain Dew using Spy VS Spy gave CW Bill Bruce and AD Doris Cassar Bronze Lions for their spots "Helicopter", "Hallway", and "Canopy".

Mountain Dew

CD/CW: Bill Bruce AD: Doris Cassar
Agency Producer: Hyatt Choate
Production Company: Partizan, Los Angeles
Director: Traktor
Producer: Traktor
D.O.P/Lighting Cameraman: Bill Pope
Editor: Tom Muldoon @ Nomad
Sound/Design Arrangement: Francois Blaigno

The dancing Citroen "Carbot" won Bronze for EURO RSCG London and CWs/ADs Matthew Anderson and Steve Nicholls.

Citroen "Carbot"

CD: Justin Hooper
CWs/ADs: Matthew Anderson/Steve Nicholls
Agency Producer: Nicola Tucker
Production Company: Spy Films, Toronto
Director: Neill Blomkamp
Producer: Winston Helgason / Carlo Trulli (Executive Producer)
D.O.P/Lighting Cameraman: Winston Helgason/Simon van de Lagemaat/Neill Blomkamp / Trevor Cawood (Animator)
Editor: Stephen Pepper/Jon Anastasiades
Music: Stuart Price (Composer/Arranger)
Sound/Design Arrangement: Johnnie Burn/Aaron Reynolds/Alex Hubbard @ Wave (Sound Design)
Acct Supervisor: Pete Turner/Michelle Greenhalgh/Mat Goff
Advertiser's Supervisor: Mike Ibbett

The most excellent modern rendition of the classic "Singin' in the Rain" by Gene Kelly for VW Golf GTI won Bronze.

VW "Singin' in the Rain" updated

Ad Agency: DDB London
Production Company: Stink, London

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Sooo not in the least suprised by the Grand Prix winner, adgrunt Jasper has been betting on GRR for several months now. :)

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I think I'd have been more shocked if "Grr" didn't win. ;) Overall I think I was much happier with the winners for the Film Lions than other categories (better work, etc).