Cannes Grand Prix print is a copy. (or you be the judge)

It's not quite the aftermath of Cannes Lions without a lot of "Hey, I saw that in [mention obscure source and year]". So here's the required "Cannes prix is a copy" - TBWA Singapore did a campaign for Nickelodeon back in 2005 with the line "Keep them entertained. Or else." That idea sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Posse from TBWA that created the ad above:
Creative Directors: Marcus Rebeschini, Robert Kleman
Art Director: Marcus Rebeschini
Copywriter: Robert Kleman

The Cannes Grand prix press 2008 winner was from DDB South Africa - and very similar in thought.
Energizer. "Never let their toys die"

Anyone who has kids knows this though. ;P

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